Stockist Information

General Inquiries

How can I get in contact with a Sales Representative?

You can contact our Sales Representative by sending an email to [email protected] or call +44 1204 575301 to discuss further about becoming a stockist. 

Will I be an exclusive Stockist for my area?

We want to give every salon the opportunity to stock Fanola in either technical or retail products. However if you have any concerns in terms of product immersions in your area please feel free to contact us to discuss any options.

Do I have to carry both retail and technical products?

Salons may stock both retail and technical or they may choose only one or the other. If a salon does stock technical products we do recommend stocking certain retail products at minimum as some are designed specifically as aftercare products for technical services.

What Education will I receive for being a stockist?

When purchasing Starter Kits you will receive technical manuals to educate on the products within the kit. If you purchase colour you will receive the relevant colour chart. For more technical information we do offer education services such as online information, online videos and classes. To stay up to date with Fanola education be sure to sign up to receive the latest information.

What pricing options will be offered to me as a stockist?

For all pricing inquiries please contact Fanola UK via email or phone to explore pricing options suitable for your salon needs.

If you would like to express your interest and apply to be an authorised Fanola distributor in the UK, please download the form below. Simply fill it out and email the form back to [email protected] and our Fanola UK representative will contact you shortly.